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Design Resources : Design Cuts

Design Resources : Design Cuts | Assalamualaikum and hello readers. How are you feeling today? Actually I am feeling like blogwalking today. If you hop in my blog, please leave a comment so that I can visit your blog. I can blogwalking as I am free right now. The class has officially started but it is still manageable. So let's talk about today topic which is the resources that I always used when I want to design certain product or design my own blog.

Design Cuts

Design cuts

Do you guys know about this Design cuts website? It is one of best money-saving website to download design sources. It is where the creative community get to buy their creative resources to produce their own product. All the creative sources worth higher if you buy at their respective website but if you buy it at design cuts you will save much more money. Therefor, it is recommended for bloggers or creative designers to buy the design sources there. Why I say that? This is because if few reasons. 

The deals

1. Money saving

Why it is money saving? It said as a money-saving website because it offers the designers 99% off of their deals. You can get so many creative resources by buying their deals. The regular price of the deals is worth $4000++ but you can get all the resources for just $25 which if it is in MYR is about more or less RM 110.82 . The deals is in dollars. So if you convert the regular price, you might not afford to buy it. Not just you but also me. Hahaha. I am not that rich. Thus, you save around 99% of your money when buying the deals.

By the way you can make the payment by using your credit or debit card as well as pay using Paypal. 

The creative resources

2. Varieties Creative Resources

From the deal itself, you can get varieties of creative resources. As you can see, I include one of the current deal here. The picture show the current deal, the resources that you gonna get once you buy the deals. The resources or the products range from fonts, vector, patterns and even mock up design. You can get everything that you can think of. What make it more interesting is that once you join with design cuts, you will be able to give feedback and choose your own style and collection that you want to get for your next purchase. It is free to join Design cuts. It is great right?

Helpful tutorials

3. Tutorials and freebies

Not just the products that you can purchase, but they also offers handful of  freebies and tutorials for their community. You can watch their tutorial videos on how to design posters, branding package and many more. They will help you on how you can fully use the resources. Besides, you also can get set of freebies that they have and can produce the product based on what they have or create a new one. It is all up to you. 

So what are you waiting for ! Let's join the Design cuts and lets our imagination and ideas speaks through our products. 

Do you have any money saving website that you want to share? Or probably any design sources that you want to share that we can all use? Leave the comment down below and let share all the knowledge that we know.


  1. This website sound amazing! I shall check it out soon! Anyway, Hi your blog is awesome :)

  2. Aww. Thank you. <3 That website is really amazing. You really should check it

  3. This is a good recommendation. Thank you!

  4. Calling out all designers, they should check out this website :D

    1. Yup. Please do check it out. You gonna love it :D


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